Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Truth.

When I was facing you with the truth, It was your lies holding back our truce, it was the fear from within, falling without

When I told you what was wrong, you thought it was you, when it was us together, apart... from the beginning, our start

When I lay awake beside you at night, it was my dreams playing with you, in my sleep, It was my love for you at your feet, keeping you warm

When I got up before you, when I fell back down at night, I was hugging you, kissing you making you feel alright... Right?

If only you were there, it was me getting over the fear, from before, from after, I’ve been covering it with laughter, my life in your arms a disaster waiting to catch me off guard, this is so hard.

If only I could carry on, to make what I knew was true the truth and that I felt were lies, a disguise, die.

So I will take this chance, I will hold my head up high and together we will rise, to you the truth a surprise... along with my lows, my highs, my, my, my... Truth.