Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Zealand Police. Inbred Old Boy Society - Corruption

I am each and every day starting to experience the subjective views and actions by the police regarding crime, or alledged crime... Even though they have the tools to create an investigation and check various things for facts, we cannot, so how are we able to defend ourselves against alligations of criminal behaviour or crimes when they made stuff up to convict you?! It's fucked ! so they can get fucked talking to me with lies and deception statements and then suggesting because of a history I am guilty even when innocent.

What does one do?

Those who throw stones shouldnt live in glass houses.

Balmoral Police ( pigs) are an organised crime, lead by those psychopaths trained to make locals criminals for income to pay for their cars and toys to play with... well I make it clear here i will have nothing to do with that!

Do not come to me asking me for anything, if you wish to challenge me, the person who makes the orders should come and see me in person, or wait for my visit.

see ya's in three months.