Thursday, March 27, 2008

What are we Doing here?

What is the future of our children when, We their parents have nothing to grasp a hold onto to call our own?

How can they see what we are trying to do when we don’t get to see that too?

So whether young or old, free or held, who is going to grab a hold onto the things that make a difference, the things that set in stone don’t change, the things we all can see, feel and touch, read and write and be,

Why do we not control the democracy that is supposed to be ours and not theirs, them from yesterday who never had the same, played the international democracy game,

When can such a goal be scored when there is no ball nor field to play, who is going to say?

Can it be so hard to ask those who are us, who are not the same, to put on the shirt and in uniform walk together in one direction, no more politician elections but that from freed slaves, who says it cant work when they play, who says there is no other way, freedom is just that without a shadow covering our backs placing that which has no hold, that which has no gold, nothing to take but life, nothing to make but love, not strife.

Has someone missed the reality that nature holds and that we try and mold, to that of our own.