Friday, February 29, 2008

New Zealand MENTAL HEALTH are mental.

Anti depressants don't work!

They are a bunch of POME's "prisioners of mother england" taking the youth from our homes and criminalising them for being normal!

noone can express themselves anymore cause theres NOWHERE to express yourself anymore, and if you do it in public, your arrested...

Get fucked New Zealand! what a bunch of know it all wankers... get over yourselves and admit you dont know what your actually doing to the community/ies or know the best way to assist the health of those around you!

Its about time you were shaken up and let the bad apples fall far from the tree.

New Zealand ARMY bombs expire 2008

I was reading some material regarding the technology new zealand has to defend itself against attack, its all out of date!!!!! the expiry dates are all pointing for 2008 according to a document i found online from the NAVY, so not only do we have a shit load of crap products to defend ourself ( like the ship that takes on water and looses support boats attached to it ) we dont have anything to shoot from it that's SAFE to fire.

I wonder who will sell us more and what kind of bombs/military hardware do we need to defend ourselves?

Answers Anyone Responsible? nah... lets pass the buck.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Delusions of Grandiose

Written By Renton Braden Mathew Innes

Delusions of Grandiose

As I become that which the seven sins insist
I await my every hour with open arms
The morphing ever changing with each and every interaction
becoming the very thing that you exist for
Solid, Liquid then Gas
An expression of perception

"Final Release Date To Be Advised Soon"

New Zealand - Aotearoa