Monday, October 8, 2007

My Personal Thoughts Poem

If what I read is true, I imagine the cost of policing will be decreasing with the increase of the computer software and hardware investment the police have already made.

I understand also the low cost in maintaining such a system with just electricity and a few yearly hardware updates and replacement of faulty storage/retrieval devices when needed, new static storage devices make it easier to service etc for everyone.

What I would also like to see is the Every Cent taken from the computer online e crime labs profit to go back to society to which they are designed to protect in the first place.

This is ensure improvement of all areas that remain a threat to the mental health abilities in providing a safer place to live, meaning criminals from within closed doors are also made responsible for their actions, losses and harm to society... when warranted and not facaded by a new force of machines that cannot detect E crime of a new level, like virus detection and DOS attacks which makes a personal computer ip address look and seem like a criminal or terrorist amongst others... who will be the neutral party to ensure the e crim labs are protected from their own attraction to those who are more sussceptable to crimanal acts to solve an acceptable level of social pressure...?

I would hope that the crinimals dont go back to working from the street level again, where it's more brutal and life threatening than behind closed ports or doors.

Who are policing the police when they are unable to act upon themselves and their own in their positions in society, including the law and those associated within it's own inbred subjective old boy back rubbing nationalists and loyalists or religious obessed extreemists of all denominators and race, borderlined with racist biggots infecting those left to face the fall out from yester years public democratic fashion, bylaws that incriminate those who are rare or disabled to establish a norm omong the minority or immigrated patriots to crown the exiled king's queen bow, if the time is now, burn your bibles and rewrite your own, tomorrow is unlike today when you are freed from the chains of white power prejudice from a delusional state that once was, blind and without the third eye from objective denialist demmentia; judge upon yourself that of others and find fate in your own pool with legal tied hands behind your back, you are the sack and we are your kittens, who is going to be your stream? with who's blood are you going to paint our dreams? What were we looking for when we started going back to those who fell in your path to nowhere but the circles we are walking in, smoke signals are blowing in the wind and you are set on concrete shoes for those running in the wrong direction, leadership comes from watching those who lead, lead, and following the same path and steps to acheive the best, together, as one, tahi. grimmace all you like and swear to those who cant hear your slient screams, amongst the seven sins criminals strike as people without, within your invisable dream's intrusion on our life, on earth...

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