Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tahi Aotearoa

Tahi Aotearoa

The Intergration of all Persons within Aotearoa / New Zealand into One Proactive - Positive Culture, Working and Living together in Peace and Harmony with Nature.

One clear outline of life goals and responsibilities each Person may take in ensuring the Physical and Mental Health of all whom reside within its shore, Together uniting in Clean Green policies and Education of our offspring and safety of all creatures great and small with a precise outline for all to use , grow and change in making their path and existence as neutral and fair as possible, along with Nature and Those who are unable or willing to change because of the delusions of the past beliefs/ideology and or Religions.

The removal of Government, it's Institutions and Societies including Law to make way with Direct Democracy of which the People pave the way to their own future using scientific fact to aid the education and development of One Culture that provides safe and reasonable outcome to those who make it unselfishly.

One Race, One Culture, One World... Tahi Aotearoa.