Thursday, October 18, 2007

Terrorists in New Zealand?

I find it hard to believe that the Majority of English Immigrant Politically Motivated New Zealanders have finially enabled even their own "slavery system" to overpower the real true vote of the Silent Majority of Non Voters and Opposition Voters who oppose making invisable non resolvable decisions for the ideology of a minority pre-existing race.

I dont even know if that made sense but if it does, lets see it's start to prosecute their own departments with facts unknown to their own information gathering devices in use on the people of it's own existance... profit from natural occuring genetic traits in cultures worldwide, making them criminal and unable to operate within a boundry, constricted to intimidation from a minority police, government force and Law who like church manages the system with a series of judges whom have a delusion of facts presented via screen directly to the judge of conviction by police interferance of available material connected to the file. The pubic opinion is not taken into consideration when forensic evidence is presented with more applicable possibilities or combinations to proove conviction is not always the best method to resolve indifferances of lost battles of war.

The Natural Habitants or Animals of any type on any natural land on earth are to be treasured by it's fellow lifeforms surely, I mean to make one EXTINCT is not a way to deal with it's survival when threatend, I feel both parties are feeling threatend, although both are training for the possibility of imminant danger from the other...

what ever next? political fractions engaged in acts of terrorism via men wearing the battle colours of their preferred method of management via the treaty? does this remind us of something from the past? does the blue line get any thicker than driving the economy and thoughts of freedom into reality from a virtual world?

Thoughts... but hey, who would ever know till someone dies believing what they are doing is right. Kia Kaha I say with all care but no responsibility.