Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bi-Polar Brothers.

Bi-Polar Brothers.

Its going to be ok, I trust you and trust me I know, cause between the not ok’s you’ve hung on to what you needed to, you’ve made a pact to do just such and im going to be with you all the way.

So when the feeling that seems to lash out from the darkness, from the unsuspecting shadows of your day, with a knife or with a sense of strife, it’s me who’s going to take the cut and it’s me who will save your life.

You cant pretend its not happening when behind you awaits the thing that scares you the most, the thing that raises from within, filling you throughout, touching your lonely soul with shivers, with fear and threats of something you will never see, but just have to share.

It’s going to be the relationship you always needed, always had, between us we will know what comes next, cause stride after stride, mile after mile, we will walk together hand in hand, until your last breath and step.

Its not just you suffering, I suffer too, it’s hard to see you like you are, and you know that too, but its going to have to do, there is no other choice, today and tomorrow will never change until we face it side by side, together in each others wake, quietly alone as the ripples thin to a calm pool of emotions that subside from the intense storm.

It’s going to be ok, we don’t have to wait, nor race ahead of ourselves toward something unknown, you can reach for my hand, when ever you trip, when ever you fall or stall and I will pick you back up from what ever ground, what ever frown or break from where ever your going to go next.

I am going to be with you all the way, what more can I possibly say, and If you can’t find me beneath the waves, just hold out your hand, don’t hold your breath, breathe, we don’t have any choice because you and I are in this together, forever, so take a good look at me and forgive me for who I am and whom I have become.

The circles we seem to be walking in are not the same, this is not a game, this is our life and what we have become, we are, One.

All Rights Reserved - Written By Renton Braden Mathew Innes 24/07/2007

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