Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Warning.

You only get it once, if in a lifetime.

One Warning.

Before the moment, you as guilty or innocent know, things will never be the same, regardless of what you say, or do; from then on.

The tax you take on the chin, for being somehow in the know, too much.

What’s it worth?

You know you can’t pay it, but you take it anyway.

The Chance.

So if you could make a choice, for how long before your word is not law,

rich nor poor, with or without, up or down, front nor back, but right Now.

The present is so fast, you warned, the future is so far away, away

What on earth would exist when you don’t? when you think you count.


Life comes cheap and strife seems to be an echo, waving to and fro, like a stone thrown into a pond, a fairy’s wand wish, washed out.

To find a warning coming is a reminder, everything you do someone’s watching you

Warning danger ahead, thus the sign snigger dimples crimple.

Wide eyed and a beat without a pulse hangs in the dew, dust and powdered metal case click, clink, boom.

The Warning.

Written by Mathew Innes. Aotearoa 2007-03-09 Copyrights. All Rights Reserved.

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