Thursday, August 16, 2007

Missing Addiction

Did I ever mention the man hiding behind the walls, Did you ever see the liar’s lows, the liar’s highs, hellos and goodbyes.

Stuck within the castle of a truthful man I bang to no avail, I cry from within without.

Could he be so perfect it wasn’t possible to be bad, he makes me so mad.

When he sleeps I awake and shake, grind his teeth and bite his tongue, I put on his clothes and drive in his car, I drink and go to bars, they never knew he was at home, alone the never saw him wake.

The grin and sins behind his mask last from one room to another, the sisters and brothers.

The eyes and sighs from me within begin to stir the missing link, when I finish before the sun awakes he sinks.

I place him into bed and wipe his chin, for tomorrow once more it will begin.

The dreams and screams ringing in his ears the cigarette burns and whisky smears make him stare.

I don’t care.

He is me and I am him, I started doing what I wanted to do, and he always wanted to.

Am I fact, am I fiction, his addiction his wine or fear we will see tomorrow when I am there.

C. 2007 RBMI.

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