Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Truth Hurts...

It, at this moment, the manic grin spreads across my face, as the tears fall down through an empty void I once called my name, but now my name is something that doesn’t belong to me, I knew it once and now I cant get rid of it, you can call me and I will turn to look, but as the look becomes a stare and as the gaunt left overs remain to remind me of the man who could and would care; cant anymore. Who makes me feel like these feelings make me do, who wants to call them theirs when they are mine, who wants to share a few and live them too, Do you? and while the mirror of my life cracked and shattered shows me who I am, was, or could be, who can hold onto that which cuts me so deep and who will rock me to sleep when the lights go dim and I cant seem to win. who.

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