Thursday, August 16, 2007

"You Let Me Down, again."

You let me down, down again...

I was counting on you to think of me, to make the changes to set us free, You let me down, down again, I was hoping to spend our lives together, Without an end. you let me down again.

You had a chance to solve the things, you had a chance to make amends, If you had seen that now I'm alone, missing you both from another home, if only you had made the effort, I could have been set free. from your pasts, for the arguments and selfish contrasts.

you let me down, down again.

When I was opening the world, learning about its flowers and trees, you had an icy cold breeze, stirring, whirring into a storm, your love turned sour and you became a storm.

When I was needing a hand, it was yours filled with pain, touching my skin and burning again, the first was like the last, everyone was the same, not bringing you respect, but bringing you shame. when I am sitting here without you I’d wished you had never done it again and again.

I looked through you, looking through me, I forgot your love, not forgetting loosing me The stars I wished upon connected together as one, my anger resulted in aggression to everyone, I burned and cursed, I’ve taken out my frustration on the earth.

I was seven and living without a heaven, I was eight and living within a hell!
It wasn't a god or a devil, it wasn't a sister or brother, it wasn't my government, grandfather or grandmother, It was you both, you... my own father and mother.

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