Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lost Love?

Can you hear me, can you even try, would you listen if you could, would you let me try

I never found it easy, I never knew why

Every time I spoke you looked at me like you heard, but tomorrow will only show, and too many tomorrows have come and then they seem to go, my words seem forgotten or don’t seem to show

Can you, just hear me, just let me know

So here I am with you in my mind and making time to be something I thought I was, to you and to me, just let me see that I am in yours and you are who you are, to be mine.

I don’t need you to be something your not, have you forgot?

So each whisper you spoke, when tomorrow it’s broke remember how I heard you, held you, kissed and missed you when you weren’t there and how much I cared when through the windows you stared, blankly past my reflection, my echo in the room, each sweep of the broom…

Can you just, hear me, once more through the empty door, through the gardens we walked and the each and every moment together alone, at work and at our home

Can you just be what you were and told me who, you are.

Would you just listen one more time, would you let me try, just so you know and me too, this is what you need not want to do. Can you?

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