Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Kiss

When it started so quickly, it stopped so fast, When it finished, I wished it would never stop,
I walked to the door in a daze, hypnotised, phased.
The words before; nothing!, the thoughts after; something!,
I will wait for the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years
Just to feel like this and that again?It may never come, nor the sun, the rain, the pleasure or pain... I want to kiss you over again and again... So softly, carefully, perfectly, passionately
The smell of your perfume, the warmth of your heart, The way you held me before your depart, even the dark blue love bite mark,
My sleep brought images of you to my bed
I couldn't sleep; I lay there silently, almost dead, Listening to my breathing, A smile and a shake of my head, I closed my eyes and thought of us over and over again,
From above, I watched us kiss, from below you know...
We looked so innocent, so so so...
Awaiting dancing together with you, I can Speak without words,
Touch without sounds, The Kiss...
I remember, Treasure, Forever with Pleasure.

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